Sofa king cool.

For someone who appreciates fashion, I sure do hate wearing clothes. When I get home, it’s all I can do to let my front door slam before it’s pants off, tea on and time to party like it’s 1773. My college roommate and I were the ultimate naked pair, with momentary odds of pantslessness hovering well above 50 percent. Luckily, our friends were great at knocking.

I’ve since amassed a collection of “non-clothes” (pajamas, leggings, oversized knits) that, while less affronting to surprise guests, probably shouldn’t see the light of day. I’m not one of those leggings-are-not-pants zealots, but I do observe a distinction between loungewear and streetwear, if only to maintain some semblance of dignity. As such, the prospect of a Saturday errand can seem unduly exhausting. You mean I have to put on jeans? Shall I don my false lashes and elbow-length opera gloves as well?

While Juicy sweats may have marked a dark era for fashion, they were blessedly kind to the style-conscious couch potatoes of society. For those of us who observe no greater luxury than a mid-afternoon catnap, the mere act of shimmying into denim can sap the freedom from a free day. We often hear of looks that can go from day to night, but what about from day to socially acceptable day? What elevates “sloppy” to “effortlessly cool”?

Enter the lazy weekender’s saving grace: trendy outerwear. While insufficiently civilized for dinner or drinks, artful layering can take couch attire to the drugstore, the dog park or even out to lunch.

Sofa king cool.

Street-smart accents – a slouchy beanie, high-top wedges – add zip without the hassle of a zipper. Fuzzy socks are re-imagined as punchy cashmere gloves. Swap the military peacoat for a faux fur vest – a literal translation of the sumptuous throw featured here – and you’re fully furnished, more showroom piece than Ikea model dorm room. Breakfast at Tiffany’s poster optional.

Wear your couch—don’t let your couch wear you. And if all else fails, go naked.

How do you merge comfort with style?


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