Dare to check me out.

Guess what? That little thing I do from nine to six every day to support my shopping/eating/having a roof over my head habit occasionally allows me to unleash the sass on a whole new audience! For those who don’t know, I write an oddly life coach-y column for WomenWorking.com. Today’s was a silly how-to on email sign-offs, but shit has been known to get real from time to time. If you enjoy reading about my very public neuroses on BITE, I hope you’ll be mildly entertained by my turn as a Career Guru/Happiness Expert:

The waiting room.
Take a compliment.
Drop the mental mirror.
The Morning Evangelist.
Redefine productivity.
Talk to strangers.

Plus my favorite interview to date, a twoparter with Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran. What a boss. (Literally. This woman is a boss to many, many people.)

I always tweet my links, so beep beep if you’d like to follow my freelance/day job work in addition to dis lil’ ol’ bliggity blog. Thank you for your support, and always remember: expert is as expert writes on the Internet.


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